Basic 2D Multi-Layer Shallow Water Examples

These examples include simple setups for plane wave tests of the 2-layer shallow water equations with a plane wave initial condition and a jump in bathymetry. The location and angles of the plane wave and bathymetry jump are controlled via the file. Additionally the ability to run with a similar topography but a gaussian hump as the initial condition has also been included. To run the basic plane-wave example use:

make .plots

Running the script will execute a family of different setups for both plane-waves incident at different angles to the grid and topography and a set of the bubble tests. The basics of the Riemann solvers involved in these examples can be found in [1].

  1. Mandli, K. T. A Numerical Method for the Two Layer Shallow Water Equations with Dry States. Ocean Modelling 72, 80–91 (2013).