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 Source file:   qinit.f90
 Directory:   /Users/rjl/clawpack_src/clawpack_master/classic/examples/advection_1d_example1
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subroutine qinit(meqn,mbc,mx,xlower,dx,q,maux,aux)

    ! Set initial conditions for the q array.
    ! This default version prints an error message since it should
    ! not be used directly.  Copy this to an application directory and
    ! loop over all grid cells to set values of q(1:meqn, 1:mx).

    implicit none
    integer, intent(in) :: meqn,mbc,mx,maux
    real(kind=8), intent(in) :: xlower,dx
    real(kind=8), intent(in) :: aux(maux,1-mbc:mx+mbc)
    real(kind=8), intent(inout) :: q(meqn,1-mbc:mx+mbc)

    integer :: i
    real(kind=8) :: beta, xcell
    common /cqinit/ beta
      do i=1,mx
         xcell = xlower + (i-0.5d0)*dx
         q(1,i) = dexp(-beta * (xcell-0.75d0)**2)  
         if ((xcell>0.1d0) .and. (xcell<0.4d0)) then
            q(1,i) = q(1,i) + 1.d0

end subroutine qinit