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 Source file:   setprob.f90
 Directory:   /Users/rjl/clawpack_src/clawpack_master/classic/examples/advection_1d_example1
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subroutine setprob

    implicit none
    character*25 :: fname
    integer :: iunit
    real(kind=8) :: u,beta

    common /cparam/ u
    common /cqinit/ beta
    ! Set the material parameters for the acoustic equations
    ! Passed to the Riemann solver rp1.f in a common block
    iunit = 7
    fname = ''
    ! open the unit with new routine from Clawpack 4.4 to skip over
    ! comment lines starting with #:
    call opendatafile(iunit, fname)

    ! advection velocity:
    read(7,*) u

    ! beta for initial conditions:
    read(7,*) beta

end subroutine setprob