Developers' Workshop and Hackathon

University of Colorado

May 25-28, 2018

Description of the workshop

The workshop takes place May 25-28, 2018 at CU facilities, and will focus on collaborations between core GeoClaw developers and their students.

It immediately follows the CSDMS Annual Meeting (May 22-24) [schedule].

Github Repository and project page

The Github repository clawpack/geoclawdev-2018 can also be used for sharing resources. Use projects/1 for project ideas, etc.

We will also try to address many of the open GeoClaw issues and pull requests.


The following people plan to participate in the 2018 workshop:

Space is limited. If you are interested in participating please contact Randy LeVeque, (rjl at

Schedule of the workshop

The GeoClaw Developers Workshop begins on Friday May 25 in the CSDMS facility. The remainder of the workshop will take place at the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station. Housing at the MRS will be provided Friday through Monday nights.

A tentative schedule is available on the wiki.


Several people plan to rent cars and we can all drive together from Boulder to the MRS. From Denver DIA Airport to Boulder the AB Bus is convenient. Going back from the MRS, if you are not going with someone who is driving, there is also the N bus from Nederland to Boulder that could be used, connecting to the AB bus. Someone can get you to Nederland, about 8 miles from the MRS.



GeoClaw-Dev 2018 is sponsored in part by CSDMS at the University of Colorado (supported by the NSF), the UW Department of Applied Mathematics, and a UW CoMotion Presidential Innovation Fellowship.