GeoClaw Developers' Workshop and Hackathon

Online only due to COVID-19

May 22-23, 2020

Description of the workshop

The first day, May 22, is coordinated with the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS) Annual Meeting (May 20-21, 2020), which is also taking place online instead of in Boulder.

Presentations for Users on Friday, May 22

The workshtop will start with some Zoom presentations to introduce some new features of GeoClaw and the related software packages ForestClaw and D-Claw. These may be of interest to users or potential users and all are welcome to listen in and join the discussions.

The schedule is below. To register for access to Zoom, please use [this Google form]. On the form you can also request a Zoom meeting with the developers to discuss any problem you might be having, and/or express interest in participating more broadly in the Developers' workshop.

Getting started with GeoClaw

If you are not already a GeoClaw user, you might want to first watch this introductory video from a recent CSDMS webinar. The GeoClaw documentation contains a description of many features and examples. See also the GeoClaw Gallery. The website has links to some papers related to the development and/or use of GeoClaw. (That page needs updating, many recent papers are not listed!)

GeoClaw is distributed as part of Clawpack (Conservation Laws Package) and can be installed following these instructions. Alternatively, you can use Docker, for which we suggest the better image for GeoClaw users that is available on Dockerhub.

A video illustrating how to use the Docker image for GeoClaw is now available on the brand new Clawpack youtube channel.

Schedule and resources

Updated post-workshop. The talks listed below have now all been posted on the GeoClaw-Dev-2020 playlist on the Clawpack youtube channel. Links to individual talks can also be found below.

Times below are all Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-0.6:00, as in Boulder, Colorado) on May 22, 2020.
To register for access to Zoom, please use [this Google form].

Due to the large number of registrants, please follow these guidelines when using Zoom.

Saturday May 23, 2020

  • 9:00 - ?? Hackathon, using the same Zoom link as Friday

Github Repository and project page

The GitHub repository clawpack/geoclawdev-2020 can be used for sharing resources.

We will also try to address some of the open GeoClaw issues and pull requests.