v5.10.0 release notes

Clawpack 5.10.0 was released on XX. See Installing Clawpack.

Permanent DOI: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.XX

Changes relative to Clawpack 5.9.2 (November 4, 2023) are shown below.

To see more recent changes that are in the the master branch but not yet released, see Changes to master since v5.10.0.

Follow the links to see changes that have been made to the master branch of each repository since the last release (v5.10.0) on XX.

These changes should appear in the next release. If you need them now, see Developers’ Guide for instructions on cloning and installing from the master branch.

To see documentation that has already been developed to accompany any new features listed below, click on the “dev” branch of the documentation, in the menu on the left hand side of this page.

Changes that are not backward compatible

  • The switch to meson made in v5.9.2 requires the installation of some additional packages for developers or others who choose to clone the repositories from Github. The instructions in Installation instructions for developers now include instructions to:

    pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

    as part of the installation.

  • In GeoClaw, when solving equations on the sphere, a spherical source term in the mass equation is now included by default. This term was missing previously and so results may change. See https://www.clawpack.org/sphere_source.html for more discussion and instructions for omitting this source term.

Changes to classic


See classic diffs

Changes to clawutil

  • $CLAW/clawutil/src/Makefile.common, the main Makefile imported by all application Makefiles in the Fortran versions, has been improved:

    • When using make new to recompile all routines, after the modules are compiled all other fortran source codes are compiled in parallel, speeding up the process.

    • RUNEXE was added to provide a string to be inserted before the name of the executable EXE in order to run it. This is necessary in particular to run the new 2D Boussinesq code using MPI, see Boussinesq solvers in Two Space Dimensions for instructions.

      (Support for this also added to $CLAW/clawutil/src/python/clawutil/runclaw.py).

    • If FC is any variant of gfortran then use the same flags as gfortran.

  • Support added to $CLAW/clawutil/src/python/clawutil/data.py for checkpt_style==4 in AMRClaw and GeoClaw (see below), and also for the D-Claw code for granular-fluid flows, which is being updated to work with the latest version of Clawpack. This is still work in progress.

  • Other minor changes.

See clawutil diffs

Changes to visclaw

  • Change the default plotfigure.facecolor to white for plots made by frametools.py (rather than clawpack_tan).

  • Add hillshade option to frametools.py for better visualization of topography.

  • Add imshow_norm and imshow_alpha as ClawPlotItem attributes for imshow plots.

  • Remove deprecated faceted kwarg in calls to pcolor from frametools.py.

  • Option added to make mpeg movies when doing make plots. Provided ffmpeg is installed, simply include this line in setplot.py:

    plotdata.mp4_movie = True

    Then _plots will include movie_figN.mp4 for each figno N listed in


    and will also be linked from the _PlotIndex.html file.

    You can also now easily change the name of the movie (also for the .html version created by JSAnimation and the .gif version if requested) via e.g.:

    plotdata.movie_name_prefix = 'chile2010_'   # default is 'movie_'

    Then _plots will include chile2010_figN.mp4 for each figure.

  • Updates to matlab plotting routines.

See visclaw diffs

Changes to riemann

  • New Riemann solver for the p-system.

  • Clean up some other things.

See riemann diffs

Changes to amrclaw

  • Bug fix for case when the domain is periodic only in x and not in y.

  • STOP feature added: If you create a (possibly empty) file named STOP in the run directory then the code will stop at the end of the current coarse grid time step, after writing a checkpoint file. Useful to kill a computation with the ability to restart after fixing something.

  • Most routines in $CLAW/amr/src/2d were cleaned up to replace do loop labels and closing continue statements with more modern enddo, avoiding many warning messages when compiling the code. (Still need to clean up 1d and 3d, and classic code, but this cleans up GeoClaw compilation a lot.)

See amrclaw diffs

Changes to geoclaw

  • For shallow water equations on the sphere, a spherical source term in the mass equation is now included by default. This term was missing previously and so results may change. See https://www.clawpack.org/sphere_source.html for more discussion and instructions for omitting this source term.

  • 1D GeoClaw code added, as described at GeoClaw in One Space Dimension. In particular there are new directories $CLAW/geoclaw/src/1d_classic and $CLAW/geoclaw/examples/1d_classic.

  • 1D Boussinesq code added in $CLAW/geoclaw/src/1d_classic/bouss and some of the examples, as described in Boussinesq solvers in One Space Dimension.

  • 2D Boussinesq code added, as described in Boussinesq solvers in Two Space Dimensions. In particular there are new directories $CLAW/geoclaw/src/2d/bouss and $CLAW/geoclaw/examples/2d/bouss.

  • Using the 2D Boussinesq version of the code requires PETSc for solving the large sparse linear systems that arise, which also requires LAPACK, BLAS, and MPI; see Prerequisites for the 2d Boussinesq code.

  • checkpt_style == 4 is now supported, meaning to create a checkpoint file at every output time. (As with other options, setting it to -4 means to checkpoint at the same times but to alternate between two checkpoint files rather than creating a unique file for each checkpoint, greatly reducing storage if you only need the latest one.)

  • Introduce integer(kind=8) variables for some topo_module variables to handle very large topo files for which the index was overflowing.

  • Introduce STOP feature as described in above for amrclaw.

  • Improve calculation of number of steps to take (ntogo) when CFL number is too large in one step. (Still have issues sometimes where code dies with too many dt reductions….)

  • Fix bug in python function clawpack.geoclaw.util.bearing and introduce new clawpack.geoclaw.util.gctransect to compute points along a great circle transect connecting two points on the sphere. (Transects obtained by linear interpolation in x,y are fine over small regions but not for global-scale transects.)

  • Other minor bug fixes, improvements, and cleanup.

See geoclaw diffs

Changes to PyClaw


See pyclaw diffs

For older changes in PyClaw, see also the PyClaw changelog.

Other Clawpack Repositories

The repositories below are not included in the Clawpack tarfile or pip install, but changes to these repositories may also be of interest.