Guide for updating this documentation

The restructured text files are in the clawpac/doc repository in $CLAW/doc/doc.

Before proceeding, first make sure other repositories are checked out to master, since some pages now have literalinclude’s that bring in code (e.g. setaux_defaults.rst, etc).

To create html files:

cd $CLAW/doc/doc
make html

To view the files, point your browser to $CLAW/doc/doc/_build/html/index.html

If you like what you see, you can push back to your fork and then issue a pull request to have these changes incorporated into the documentation.

Updating the webpages

A few developers can push html files to the repository clawpack/ which causes them to show up on the web at

To do so, first create the html files as described above in $CLAW/doc/doc/_build/html. Commit any changed source files and push to clawpack/doc.

Then do:

cd $CLAW/
git checkout master
git pull origin  # make sure you are up to date before doing next steps!

cd $CLAW/doc/doc

This copies the contents of $CLAW/doc/doc/_build/html to $CLAW/

Then move to the latter repository and add and commit any new or changed files (all files are needed, so “git add .” should work). For the commit message you might want to add the commit hash of the most recent commit in $CLAW/doc/doc:

cd $CLAW/
git add .
git commit -m "changes from doc/doc commit <hash>"

And finally push to the web:

git push origin

which assumes that origin is

It may take a few minutes for the updated webpages to appear at