b4step default routines

Below are linkes to the default b4step library routines for Classic and AMRClaw. By default these do nothing. If you wish to specify aux arrays you will need to copy one of these files to your application directory and modify it as needed. Remember to change to Makefile to point to the proper version.

(Note: these links are for the version checked in to the master branch. You can select a different branch or tag from the GitHub page.)

b4step routine in GeoClaw

In GeoClaw, there is a library routine that sets aux(1,i,j) to the cell average of the bathymetry, aux(2,i,j) to the ratio of the true cell area to dx*dy (the capacity function), and aux(3,i,j) to the length ratio of the bottom edge to dx (The latter two quantities vary with latitude when coordinate_system == 2).