src default routines

See also Using src for source terms.

Below are links to the default src library routines for Classic and AMRClaw. By default these do nothing. If you wish to specify source terms, you need to copy one of these files to your application directory and modify it as needed. Remember to change to Makefile to point to the proper version.

If you are using AMRClaw, you will also need to provide a routine src1d, see Using src1d for source terms with AMRClaw.

(Note: these links are for the version checked in to the master branch. You can select a different branch or tag from the GitHub page.)

src routine in GeoClaw

In GeoClaw, there is a library routine to impose source terms for bottom friction (via a Manning term) and Coriolis terms. The topography source term is built into the Riemann solver in a manner that achieves well balancing (an ocean at rest remains at rest).