For usage see Using to specify the desired plots and Plotting examples.

Objects of this class are usually created by the new_plotfigure method of a ClawPlotData object.

class ClawPlotFigure


The following attributes can be set by the user:

figno : int

Figure number, by default the next unused number will be used (starting at 1001). This is usually set as an argument to the new_plotfigure function of a ClawPlotData object

kwargs : dictionary

A dictionary of keyword arguments for the figure command. For example:

"{'figsize':[12,5], 'facecolor':[1,0,0]}"

would specify that the figure should be 12 inches by 5 inches with a red background.

For more options see the matplotlib documentation for the figure command.

clf_each_frame : bool

If True, clear the figure with a clf command at the start of each frame.

show : bool

If False, suppress showing this figure.



Create and return a new object of class ClawPlotAxes associated with this ClawPlotFigure object. A single figure may have several axes on it.

The name specified is used as a dictionary key. If None is provided, one is generated automatically of the form AXES1, etc.


Returns the handle for this figure.