Examples from the book FVMHP

The book Finite Volume Methods for Hyperbolic Problems contains many examples that link to Clawpack codes used to create the figures in the book. These codes were originally developed for Clawpack 4.3 and these versions are still available from this webpage, but they will only run with Clawpack 4.3, which has not been developed since 2006.

Many of the examples have been converted to Clawpack 5.x form, with a setrun.py file for setting run time data and a setplot.py file for specifying plots with Python. See:

Available examples

The examples converted to v5.x form so far can be found in the directory apps/fvmbook if you clone the apps repository. (See Clawpack Applications repository.)

You can also browse the examples and plots/animations of the results in the Clawpack gallery of fvmbook applications

YouTube Videos

A set of 25 videos on material from the book were recorded in 2023 and are available in this playlist on the Clawpack YouTube channel. For a summary of the contents of each video, see this webpage.