v5.9.2 release notes

Clawpack 5.9.2 was released on November 4, 2023. See Installing Clawpack.

Permanent DOI: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.XXX

Changes relative to Clawpack 5.9.2 (October 2, 2023) are shown below.

To see more recent changes that are in the the master branch but not yet released, see Changes to master since v5.9.2.

Follow the links to see changes that have been made to the master branch of each repository since the last release (v5.9.2) on November 4, 2023.

These changes should appear in the next release. If you need them now, see Developers’ Guide for instructions on cloning and installing from the master branch.

To see documentation that has already been developed to accompany any new features listed below, click on the “dev” branch of the documentation, in the menu on the left hand side of this page.

General changes

The build process for the Python modules has been completely redone using meson in place of distutils, which is being deprecated. We chose meson since this is now being used by many of the core scientific python projects that we use, e.g. numpy and scipy. This should not affect most users, except for some changes to the recommended installation options, see Installing Clawpack.

Many Python modules were cleaned up by removing transition code that was useful for Python2 users but is no longer needed since we now require Python3 in general.

Otherwise, mostly minor changes and bug fixes.

Changes to classic

See classic diffs

Changes to clawutil

Some new data objects were added to clawpack.clawutil.data for GeoClaw 1d and Boussinesq solvers, but these will not be used until the next major release.

See clawutil diffs

Changes to visclaw

See visclaw diffs

Changes to riemann

See riemann diffs

Changes to amrclaw

See amrclaw diffs

Changes to geoclaw

The setrun parameter rundata.fixed_grid_data was removed from geoclaw/src/python/geoclaw/data.py and is no longer available in setrun. This old way of specifying fixed grid output has been deprecated for some time in favor of fgmax and fgout grids, but some old setrun.py files may still set

fixedgrids = rundata.fixed_grid_data.fixedgrids

and throw an error that can be fixed by deleting this line. If items are appended to this list in your setrun, then these should be converted to fgmax and/or fgout grids.

The setrun parameter runclaw.geo_data.sphere_source was added to allow experimenting with the spherical source term that is currently missing from the default GeoClaw code, see Source terms for shallow water on the sphere, which now includes a link to a document with more description of the problem and computational examples.

See geoclaw diffs

Changes to PyClaw

See pyclaw diffs

Other Clawpack Repositories

The repositories below are not included in the Clawpack tarfile or pip install, but changes to these repositories may also be of interest.