Testing your installation


If you downloaded Clawpack manually, you can test your PyClaw installation as follows (starting from your clawpack directory):

cd pyclaw

This should return ‘OK’. (You may need to install nose if nosetests is not on your system.)


As a first test of the Fortran code, try the following:

cd $CLAW/classic/tests
nosetests -sv

This will run several tests and compare a few numbers from the solution with archived results. The tests should run in a few seconds and you should see output similar to this:

runTest (tests.acoustics_1d_heterogeneous.regression_tests.Acoustics1DHeterogeneousTest) ... ok
runTest (tests.acoustics_3d_heterogeneous.regression_tests.Acoustics3DHeterogeneousTest) ... ok
runTest (tests.advection_2d_annulus.regression_tests.Advection2DAnnulusTest) ... ok

Ran 3 tests in 4.639s

There are similar tests subdirectories of $CLAW/amrclaw and $CLAW/geoclaw to do quick tests of these codes.

More extensive tests can be performed by running all of the examples in the examples directory and comparing the resulting plots against those archived in the Clawpack Gallery. See also Regression testing.