Plotting with VisItΒΆ

2d and 3d plots can be rendered using the visualization package VisIt. VisIt has a Claw reader that can be used to import data from Clawpack, see Application Toolkit Formats for other formats that VisIt supports.

The ASCII output files generated by Clawpack can be read in directly to VisIt if one additional file is added to the directory of output files: a file named plot.claw is required with contents:


When using the VisIt GUI, simply open this file to load the data. See the VisIt documentation for information on how to use the GUI.

To do:

  • Create Python tools using the Python interface to VisIt so that plots can be specified in

  • Add routines to Clawpack to output data in Silo format, the binary format recommended for VisIt, and/or other binary formats.