Clawpack components

Clawpack is developed using the git version control system and all the source code is openly available via the Clawpack GitHub Organization.

The code is organized in several independent git repositories. One of these is the clawpack/clawpack super-repository that is used to coordinate versions between other repositories. If you are interested in cloning the code directly from GitHub and/or helping develop Clawpack, see Developers’ Guide.

If you download a tar file of Clawpack, as described in Install all Clawpack packages, then you will obtain a top level directory that has the following subdirectories:

  • classic (Classic single-grid Fortran code)

  • amrclaw (AMRClaw, AMR version of Fortran code)

  • riemann (Riemann solvers, in Fortran, also used by PyClaw)

  • geoclaw (GeoClaw for geophysical flows)

  • clawutil (Utility functions, Makefile.common used in multiple repositories)

  • pyclaw (Python version that includes SharpClaw and PETSc parallelization)

  • visclaw (Python graphics and visualization tools)

These correspond to individual GitHub repositories.

Other repositories

Other repositories in the Clawpack GitHub Organization may be of interest to some users:

  • apps contains additional applications, see Clawpack Applications repository.

  • doc contains sphinx input files for the Clawpack documentation.

  • contains the html files that appear on the web.

  • clawpack-4.x contains the latest version of Clawpack 4.x, the legacy code.