Clawpack Applications repository

More complex examples and applications are archived in the Github clawpack/apps repository found at

In particular, the directory apps/fvmbook contains many Examples from the book FVMHP.

The Clawpack Gallery shows results/animations from some selected examples in the apps repository.

These examples are not included in the basic Clawpack installation. Users interested in obtaining this collection of applications can either clone the repository using git:

git clone

or navigate to and click on the green “Code” button to see other options, such as downloading a zip file.

Jupyter Notebooks

The directory apps/notebooks contains a number of notebooks that illustrate various aspects of Clawpack. Many of these are also visible in rendered html form in the Gallery of Notebooks.


The apps repository contains several git submodules for collections of examples specific to some application. This has the advantage that the submodules can be managed independent of the main apps repository, perhaps by people who are not core Clawpack developers. (Contact us if you have a repository of examples you would like to see added.) Also each submodule may be of limited interest, and could contain some large files that not every Clawpack user wants to download.

For example, after cloning the apps repository you will see a subdirectory for storm surge modeling examples using GeoClaw named apps/surge-examples, which initially is an empty directory. The file apps/.gitmodules shows that this is a submodule. It also shows the url to the GitHub repository corresponding to this module (where you could do a pull request, for example, if you find a bug).

If you want to add only the surge-examples, and not other submodules, you can do:

git submodule update --init surge-examples

If you want to add all available submodules, leave off the submodule name:

git submodule update --init

The –init flag is not needed (but won’t hurt) if you are updating a submodule that you have already initialized and cloned, e.g. if the submodule maintainer has added new examples to it.

Examples included with Clawpack

Recall also that a few examples of how to use different flavors of Clawpack are included in every distribution of Clawpack, in the directories

  • $CLAW/classic/examples

  • $CLAW/amrclaw/examples

  • $CLAW/geoclaw/examples

  • $CLAW/pyclaw/examples

These examples demonstrate some of the basic capabilities. The plots resulting from running these examples should agree with those seen in the Clawpack Gallery.