Clawpack Applications repository

More complex examples and applications are archived in the Github clawpack/apps repository found at

In particular, the directory apps/fvmbook contains many Examples from the book FVMHP.

These examples are not included in the basic Clawpack installation. Users interested in obtaining this collection of applications can either clone the repository using git:

git clone git://

or navigate to and click on the “Download ZIP” button at the bottom of the page.

Examples included with Clawpack

Recall that a few examples of how to use different flavors of Clawpack are included in the directories

  • $CLAW/classic/examples

  • $CLAW/amrclaw/examples

  • $CLAW/geoclaw/examples

  • $CLAW/pyclaw/examples

These examples demonstrate some of the basic capabilities. The plots resulting from running these examples should agree with those seen in the Galleries of all Clawpack applications.