Clawpack (Conservation Laws Package)

Clawpack is a collection of finite volume methods for linear and nonlinear hyperbolic systems of conservation laws. Clawpack employs high-resolution Godunov-type methods with limiters in a general framework applicable to many kinds of waves. Clawpack is written in Fortran and Python.

If you use Clawpack in published work please cite this work, with a citation similar to the following:

    Clawpack Development Team (YEAR), Clawpack Version X.Y.Z,, doi: 10.5281/zenodo.xxxxxxx
For the DOI corresponding to a particular release, see Releases of Clawpack and release notes. It is best to refer to the particular release used to obtain your results, but if you need to refer to multiple past releases, or to cite Clawpack more generally, you can also use the DOI 10.17605/, e.g.
    Clawpack Development Team (YEAR), Clawpack Software,, doi: 10.17605/

See also citing Clawpack for the bibtex and some journal paper citations we recommend.


For a list of 5.x releases, release notes, and Github commit logs, see Releases of Clawpack and release notes.

Clawpack-4 has not been maintained since 2013, but you can still find some earlier versions and sample codes that rely on them on the Clawpack-4 webpages.


Originally developed in 1994 by Randall LeVeque, Clawpack is now contributed to by many developers and includes a number of related projects. See About this software and the Bibliography for more details.

Key features include:

  • Solution of general hyperbolic PDEs provided a Riemann solver is given
  • Adaptive mesh refinement included in AMRClaw and GeoClaw
  • Parallelism scalable to tens of thousands of cores or more, included in PyClaw

Solution of a given PDE system with Clawpack requires specifying an approximate Riemann solver for that system. Solvers for many common applications are bundled with the software. See Riemann solvers for more information.

New users may wish to first read Which Clawpack solver should I use? and Installation instructions.

See Clawpack Community for links to mailing lists, other sources of help, upcoming events, and also instructions for raising an issue if you want to report a bug or suggest an improvement.

We welcome new developers, see the Developers' Guide and the GitHub Clawpack Organization.

Clawpack is a NumFOCUS affiliated project. The development of Clawpack has been supported by many grants and organizations over the years, see Funding.

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