Release 5.4.1

Clawpack 5.4.1 was released on June 28, 2017. See Installing Clawpack.

Changes relative to Clawpack 5.4.0 (February 17, 2017) are shown below.

Changes to documentation

The documentation repository has been refactored so that versioning is now supported. On the menu to the left of the Clawpack documentation pages, at the bottom you should see links to select previous versions of the documentation, in particular v5.4.0 and some earlier versions. The master version points to the current master branch of the doc repository used to build the documentation.

If you switch to different version of a page, use the back button to return to the version for the current release, or click on the Clawpack logo to get back to this version. If you click on the master version most things will work but links to gallery pages will not (due to the way relative paths are specified since inter-sphinx is now used for different projects in the main docs and the gallery). Old versions of the gallery are not available.

Instructions for building the documentation have been updated in Guide for updating this documentation.

Changes to classic

The Woodward-Collela blast wave problem for 1-dimensional Euler was added to the examples.

See classic diffs

Changes to clawutil

Minor changes.

See clawutil diffs

Changes to visclaw

  • Fixes for Python3 compatibility.

  • There are still some known issues when making plots using Python3 that are being worked on. See e.g.

  • Improve KML functionality.

  • Add legend_tools module to simplify adding a legend.

  • Other minor fixes.

See visclaw diffs

Changes to riemann

  • Added several Riemann solvers for new problems.

  • Improved several existing solvers.

  • The GeoClaw Riemann solver riemann_aug_JCP in geoclaw_riemann_utils.f has been modified to incorporate pressure source terms for storm surge simulations. The calling sequence has changed.

See riemann diffs

Changes to amrclaw

The major new addition is 1d amrclaw code in the src/1d directory and some examples in the examples directory. (Also regression tests in tests). These examples have also been added to the gallery at This code was based on the 2d code but reduced to a fully 1d version that is better than the previous approach of using the 2d code with only 1 cell in the y direction. This code has not yet been extensively tested on challenging problems, so let us know if you run into problems with it.

  • Cleanup some code related to timers.

  • Fix a problem with integer overflows in some cases.

  • Suppress printing Courant number every timestep to fort.amr

  • Print more digits in gauge locations to output files gauge*.txt.

  • The code in $CLAW/amrclaw/src/2d has had comments improved and added so that doxygen can be used, see Doxygen documentation of AMRClaw.

  • Other minor fixes.

See amrclaw diffs

Changes to geoclaw

  • Allow more flexibility in specification of fgmax grids when doing a restart.

  • Print more digits in gauge locations to output files gauge*.txt.

  • For storm surge, the pressure gradient source term has been moved to the Riemann solver for well-balancing. This may cause slightly different results on these applications but should not affect others.

  • The output and plotting functions for surge and multilayer versions been refactored.

  • Other minor fixes and improvements of Python tools.

See geoclaw diffs

Changes to PyClaw

For changes in PyClaw, see the PyClaw changelog.

See pyclaw diffs

Other Clawpack Repositories

The repositories below are not included in the Clawpack tarfile or pip install, but changes to these repositories may also be of interest.