Releases of Clawpack and release notes

Before downloading a tar file, please click on the Install tab or visit Installing Clawpack for installation instructions. You may want to use pip install or some other mechanism rather than the tar file.

Other notes:

  • Please see Citing this work for the suggested way to cite the version of Clawpack that you are using in publications.

  • For changes in PyClaw, see the PyClaw changelog.

  • See Changes to master since v5.8.2 for changes to the master branch on Github that are not in the most recent release.

  • The “dev” branch of the documentation (selected under Versions on the menu to the left) may contain documentation of features not yet released.


Tar files can be downloaded from or from the Zenodo links provided below.

Tar files for all recent releases can also be referenced with the single DOI 10.17605/ See Citing this work for more information on how best to cite Clawpack.

Clawpack 4.x

Clawpack 5.x has significant changes from past versions (prior to 2014). See Changes in Clawpack 5.0.

For documentation and recent changes to the Clawpack 4.x version, please see Clawpack 4.x documentation