Changes to master since v5.7.1

Follow the links to see changes that have been made to the master branch of each repository since the last release (v5.7.1) on September 11, 2020.

These changes should appear in the next release. If you need them now, see Developers’ Guide for instructions on cloning and installing from the master branch.

To see documentation that has already been developed to accompany any new features listed below, click on the “dev” branch of the documentation, in the menu on the left hand side of this page.

Changes that are not backward compatible

General changes

Changes to classic

See classic diffs

Changes to clawutil

See clawutil diffs

Changes to visclaw

See visclaw diffs

Changes to riemann

See riemann diffs

Changes to amrclaw

See amrclaw diffs

Changes to geoclaw

Several changes were made to fix long-standing bugs. These fixes lead to slightly different results than those obtained with previous versions of GeoClaw. In all the tests performed so far the changes are minor and it is thought that the new version is at least as accurate as the old version. Please let the developers know if you run into problems that may be related to these changes.

  • In filpatch.f90: The slope chosen for interpolating from a coarse grid to the ghost cells of a fine-grid patch had an index error that could affect the sign of the slope used in momentum components. Also slopes were not always initialized to zero properly at the start of a loop

  • Some index errors were fixed in fgmax_interp.f90.

  • WIP: Changes to riemann/src/rpt2_geoclaw.f90.

See geoclaw diffs

Changes to PyClaw

For changes in PyClaw, see the PyClaw changelog.

See pyclaw diffs

Other Clawpack Repositories

The repositories below are not included in the Clawpack tarfile or pip install, but changes to these repositories may also be of interest.