Additional options for installing Clawpack

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tar file

You can download the most recent (or certain previous versions) of Clawpack as a tar file. After untarring this, you can use pip install (and set CLAW if necessary) to point to this version.

Download a tar file from one of these sources:

After downloading a tar file you can do, e.g.

tar -xzf clawpack-v5.7.1.tar.gz
cd clawpack-v5.7.1
pip install --user -e .   # note trailing dot indicating "this directory"
export CLAW=/full/path/to/clawpack-v5.7.1

git clone

You can clone the git repositories from This is particularly useful if you want the latest development version or a branch that is not in a release yet, and/or if you plan to contribute to the code yourself via a pull request. See Developers’ Guide for more details, but the basic commands are:

git clone git://
cd clawpack
git submodule init      # for repositories pyclaw, clawutil, visclaw, etc.
git submodule update    # clones all the submodule repositories
pip install --user -e . # note trailing dot indicating "this directory"
export CLAW=/full/path/to/clawpack

Using conda (does not require a Fortran compiler)

You can install PyClaw and VisClaw only (without AMRClaw, GeoClaw, or Classic) via the conda package manager. Conda binaries are available for Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux (may work on other flavors of Linux), using Python 2.7 or 3.6.

From a terminal, simply do:

conda install -c clawpack -c conda-forge clawpack

You might want to consider first creating a separate conda environment if you want to separate Clawpack and its dependencies from other versions of Python code.



Instead of installing Clawpack and all its dependencies, another alternative is Docker for Clawpack. The Docker image already contains not only Clawpack but also all the Installation Prerequisites.

Launching an AWS instance with Clawpack installed

To appear.

Installing PyClaw for parallel processing with PETSc

First, install Clawpack. Then see the install instructions for Running in parallel.

Alternatively, you may use the following shell scripts (assembled by Damian San Roman) to install everything:

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Once Clawpack is installed, you can go to one of the following pages to get started: